National Roaming: National Roaming allows subscribers connected to Vodafone to roam onto Telstra’s GSM network along 10 designated highways in Victoria and Tasmania. These highways currently have little or no Vodafone Coverage.

Subscribers will be barred from national roaming by default when connected. National roaming will need to be activated in the same manner in which the international roaming must be lifted. Customers with international roaming allowed will automatically be active for national roaming.

Points to note:

  • Customers with International Roaming will automatically receive National Roaming.
  • Customers with national Roaming will NOT automatically receive International Roaming.
  • Calls will drop out when roaming from Vodafone to Telstra network – ie no soft handover
  • Most customers will see a roaming indicator on their handset while roaming (handset dependant). They may also see a “Telstra” indicator.
  • Once on a Telstra Roaming call, the customer will stay on the Telstra network until completion of the call, even if they have re-entered Vodafone coverage.
  • In some instances, after ending a Telstra Roaming call, handsets might stay connected to the Telstra network for up to 30 minutes, even if back in a Vodafone coverage area. 30 mins is the standard time in which the SIM will do a location update.
  • By turning the phone off and on again, the SIM will automatically search for Vodafone and connect with Vodafone if available.
  • The VPN product will not work on the Telstra Network.

International Roaming is available to credit approved customers on request. International Roaming is very expensive for all types of calls messaging and data. If you are concerned about the cost of International Roaming, you should not enable this service and enquire about a local service in the country in which you are travelling. Customers who use International Roaming should be particularly careful about data roaming costs. Unless required, you should ensure data roaming is not enabled in your handset. International Roaming call charges normally take much longer to appear in your account. You should carefully monitor your usage to avoid high bills

Using your service overseas
Please contact Customer Service to activate global roaming. To activate, you must pay an upfront bond of $400 or have been with Superfone for a period of 6 months with no overdue accounts. Your included value does not apply to phone usage if you are overseas. Global roaming charges can cost you up to $6/min to make a call, $3/min to receive a call and Data usage can be up to $20/MB. Please contact with Customer Service Team on 1300 788 851 to get the latest update.

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