SUPERFONE Team will be available to assist you if you have any Question/Concern about your Mobile Services. You can contact with us on 1300 788 851 or Email on support@superfone.net.au and there will be NO charge to provide any Information for your services. But If you wish to change or add any other value added service. We may charge you for that .

Charge Types

Description Charge
Non-Direct Debit Fee – Link your account to a bank or credit card to avoid this charge. $2.50
Paper Bill Charge – Switch to e-mail billing to avoid this charge. $2.50
Late Payment Fee Applied if your account is paid after the statement due date (15th of each month). $16.50
Bounced Payment Fee Applied if your direct debit fails. $10.00
Number Change. $66.00
Sim Card Replacement. $25.00
Early Disconnection – Not applicable to month-to-month plans. $66.00

  • What data speeds should I expect?

The speed of your data depends on network coverage and device capabilities.

  • What if Internet is not working?

Follow these instructions below

  • Settings
  • More Settings
  • Mobile Internet
  • Access Point
  • Left click

For more details – please contact with the customer service team on 1300 788 851

  • How do I set up my voicemail?

Your SUPERFONE SIM comes with your voicemail service pre-configured. To set up your voicemail

  1. Dial 121
  2. Choose your personal security code
  3. Select your time zone (eg. NSW or QLD)
  4. Record your name to be used in the standard greeting that callers to your voicemail will hear
  5. Left click Record a personal greeting

If you have not set up voicemail, you will be prompted to do so the first time you use it.

  • I’ve lost my handset. What do I do?

Contact SUPERFONE immediately. We will bar your SIM, and send you need a new one if required.

  • What If SMS/Test are Getting Failed?

You need to check your Text Messages settings – For more details please contact with SUPERFONE 1300 788 851