Please carefully read all information about this new service plan and follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth process in transferring your service number to SUPERFONE Pty Ltd.

DO NOT disconnect your current service with your current provider. If telephone number is disconnected this will stop the port from being completed. You must have active services until porting is complete and the number is owned by

Information Required to complete the porting process

1. Date of Birth – It should be same with current provider

2. Service Account Number from the current provider – You may find on previous Invoice

SUPERFONE and your current service provider are separate bodies and they have NO relation with each other

Porting Prepaid Service

Once the porting process is completed you’ll lose your remaining prepaid credit from your existing provider

Porting Plan Service

If you are not sure about the expiry of your current contract, we urge you to confirm BEFORE transferring your services AFTER the port is completed, it is YOUR responsibility to clear any termination charges imposed by your current
carrier for porting your service.

If you acknowledge the above mentioned information, you are welcome to call SUPERFONE customer service on 1300 788 851 or (03) 9021 0897 to connect your service We’ll be happy to help you.