Fixed Line Plan

The SUPER PSTN is a postpaid fixed line with two available plans . The plan uses the Telstra Australia network. EXCLUDED Usage: International Calls & Roaming, Video calls, calling Premium 19/1900 Numbers, Diverted/Forwarded calls, Directory Assistance and third party applications are NOT INCLUDED in your usage allowance

Information About Pricing

Plan & Inclusions



Minimum Monthly Charges



24 Months Contract Value



Standard & National Landline Calls

$0.20 / 60 sec


Mobile Calls

$0.40 / 60 Sec

13/1300 Calls

$0.40 / 60 Sec

International Call Rates

Refer to Website

Minimum Service Term

24 Months

Late Payment Fee


Payment Dishonor Fee


Paper Bill Fee


Non-Direct Debit Fee


Plan Change Fee (Downgrade)


Port Rejection Fee


ADD ON – IN $15.00 (Inc. GST): To get an UNLIMITED Calls on Any Australian MOBILE & 13/18 Numbers. Call to CUSTOMER SERVICE Team to get this offer activated with your current plan

Minimum Term: This plan is available on a 24 Months contract and If you would cancel your agreement in between this time frame Early Termination Fee will be calculated according to the remaining numbers of months plus any unpaid usage as mentioned in the above first table. (Monthly Plan Fee X Contract Remaining Months = Early Termination Fee )

Activation & Connection Fees
There is no fee if you are transferring an existing fixed line connection from another provider. A connection fee applies for a new fixed line connection.

Incorrect Call Out Fee
If a fault is lodged and a technician attends your premises and finds the fault is in your equipment and not in the network an Incorrect call out fee of $200 applies. Any additional technician charges incurred will be added to your account.

Other Information

Warning: International Calls are barred by default on all connected services and available to credit approved customers on request with $200 advance fee. You should carefully monitor your usage to avoid high bills. Any Value Added Service charges already added on the service will be carry forwarded with the new plan. Included Calls: There is No Call allowance Included in this deal.

1. Any deposit paid to sign up with the Superfone will not be refundable if you change your mind or cancel your service.
2. Disconnection will not be Pro-Rata, will be charged full month line rental
3. If you are signing up for a Month-to-Month plan and you port out your service within the first 12 months from the day connected $99.00 port out fee will be applicable on your Superfone account.

Billing Information

Billing Cycle

1st To 31st of Every Month

Bill Issued By

3rd of Every Month

Payment Due Date

15th of Every Month

Monthly Payment: Superfone will debit your monthly bill on the due date 15th of every month from your nominated account. In case the payment is dishonored the payment will be automatically re-scheduled on 26th of that month for all nonpayment accounts

Service Suspension and Cancellation for NON Payment: If your account is overdue by more than 30 days of bill issued Superfone reserve the right to cancel or suspend your service and to charge that outstanding amount without any further information. Once the service will be disconnected cannot be re-connected.

Superfone Fair Use Policy: Superfone Fair Use Policy refers to ‘unreasonable’ or ‘excessive’ use of your service. For the more information refer to our website: www.superfone.net.au

Tracking Your Spend: To monitor your usage log on to your account at www.superfone.net.au

Customer Service (Contact us): You can contact Superfone between 9.00AM to 8.00PM on 1300 788 851 or Email us on support@superfone.net.au Our Postal Address is PO BOX 1206, Epping VIC 3076

Customer Complaints: If you have a complaint, we urge you to contact Customer Service first so we can try to resolve your complaint straight away on 1300 788 851 and If you are still not satisfied with the proposed resolution after the full resolution process then you may contact the TIO at http://www.tio.com.au or call them on 1800 062 058.

NB: Our fees and charges may change from time to time and you will be notified ahead of time. Charges for other usage types can be found on www.superfone.net.au