The SUPER 4G (SIM Only Plan) is a post paid mobile service. which gives UNLIMITED included standard Calls, standard SMS &
MMS and Appropriate Mobile Data value to use within Australia. The plan uses the OPTUS 4G Australia mobile network where Available.

INCLUDED Usage: Standard National Landline, Mobile Calls, Voicemail &13/1300/ 1800 Number Calls and Standard National SMS & MMS.

EXCLUDED Usage: International calls & Roaming, Video calls, calling or texting Premium 19/1900 Numbers, Diverted/Forwarded calls, Directory Assistance and third party
applications are NOT INCLUDED in your usage allowance










Monthly plan
Plan fees
Included Data value
(Per MB Increment)
24 Months
Contract value
$18.80 5 GB$18.80 *24 = $451.20
$30.8015 GB$30.80*24 = $739.20
$45.8030 GB$45.80*24=$1099.20
$55.8050 GB$55.80*24=1339.20
$65.8080 GB$65.80*24=$1579.20